Henry Mullins 1849 - 1873

A guide to dating photographs by the Jersey photographer Henry Mullins. He was born in 1818 and died in 1880. He was active in Jersey from 1849 - 1873. His studio was at the Royal Saloon, 7 Royal Square St. Helier. He also had a studio in London from 1864 - 1867.  Many thousand of his photos survive in the Societe Jersiaise Photographic Collection where they can be searched online.


He specialized in portraits of well to do Jersey people and  tourists, but also took landscape photos. His CDVs are often found, his daguerrotypes, cabinet photos and stereoscopic views are much less common.


 earliest CDV back print, a simple buckle design. Late 1850s to 1862.


1862 - 1865 two seperate medals International Exhibition 1862.


1865 additional studio at 230 Regent Street London noted


 1866 - 1867 prize medals now overlap and are crowned.


1868 - 1871 further prize medal for the 1868 Channel Islands Exhibition.


1871 - 1873 further prize medal for the Channel Islands Exhibition 1871.


1860s back print found only on landscape photos (sold as souvenirs) although landscape photos are also found with the standard backprints. Square corner CDVs are earlier than the rounded corner ones.


the type was in two seperate parts, as shown by this example where the central portion is inverted.


1860s backprint used on stereoscopic views.