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Bibliography of Jersey 1542 - 1819

To view the whole bibliography from 1542 - 1945 go to that page and double click ‘Jersey Bibliography.’ For some unknown reason I cannot add any more text to this page! 


An Incomplete Bibliography of
the Island of Jersey 1542 -1819
Compiled by Richard Hemery

I have always been interested in books, and descend from an old Jersey family. On finding no online Jersey bibliography I decided to put one together myself. I have chosen 1945 as an obvious cut off point in the history of the Island as the date of  liberation from German occupation. I have included all books published about or largely about Jersey, and books on all subjects published in the Island. Not included are maps, (apart from one or two) engravings, and books by Jersey born authors unless they meet the above criteria. Newspapers, periodicals and annual reports are included at the end. 

I have harvested this information from several main sources, the Societe Jersiaise catalogue, the British Library integrated catalogue, Used book search, and even a handful from Ebay listings. I do not own these books and they are not for sale.

Each entry is listed by date of publication, then title, then on the next line author, if any, on the third line publisher and place of publication, and on the fourth line pagination, size and other features. If there is no author the publisher may appear on the second line.

This is the first draft, much more information needs to be added. If you have any information on items not found on this list, feel free to contact me. Please also contact me if you are interested in the Hemery family tree or Hemery geneaology, I have a lot of information. Thanks.
Richard Hemery

Other helpful e-mail addresses  The Societe Jersiaise, or Jersey Society, one the foremost sources of online information about Jersey. Truly excellent. The library catalogue can be searched. The British Library integrated catalogue. Again this can be searched. A great used book search of the worlds books, claiming to search 55 million books. And all for sale. Some nice Jersey items occasionally turn up on Ebay, generally cheaper than the Used Book Search.

As an introduction to this work I submit the following spoof title which could have appeared as the title if this book had been published in the early 1800s.

A Bibliography of the Island of Jersey:
an incomplete list of volumes published about or on that Isle,
dating from the years 1595 to 1945,
by which the unique and curious history of that island is well illustrated
by which is meant
the dual nature of Jersey
which is in the sea but not of it
part of the United Kingdom but not of it,
near Europe but not part of that continent
and whose parents are severally French and English
and is presented as a celebration of the character of The Jersey People
although their territory is small in extent and their number few
and whom in literary terms adopted printing and publishing but lately
have made a great and noteworthy contribution
in every area of human activity
by their industry, talent, commerce, bravery and perserverance
out of all proportion to their islands size and population

The Bibliography

1542 La forme des prieres ecclesiastiques
Johannes Calvin
French version of Calvinist prayer book

1550 Book of Common Prayer. Prayer book of Cranmer
French translation of Cranmers first prayer book for use in Jersey

1553 Prayer book
French translation of 1552 prayer book by Francois Philippe

1595 The most wonderfull and strange finding of a chayre of gold, near the Isle of Iarsie, with the true discourse of the death of eight severall men
Thomas Creede London
14p only known copy in the possession of the Societe Jersiaise

1610 Map of Jersey

1629 A survey of the estate of the two islands, Guernzey and Jarsey with the isles appending
Peter Heylin
First book on Jersey see 1656 edition

1641 Humble petition of Mr. Prynne, late exile, and close prisoner in the Ile of Jersey. Presented to the…Commons House of Parliament
William Prynne
London ?
10p 4vo pamphlet. Also printed in The severall humble petitions of D. Bastwicke, M. Burton etc. 1641 4vo

1641 Mont Orgueil, or divine and profitable meditations
William Prynne

1642 Articles exhibited against Sir Philip Carteret, Govenour of the Isle of Jersy; or, an humble information of the estate of his Majesties Isle of Jersey, with part of the grievances of the inhabitants, which was presented by divers gentlemen of that Isle, to many members of both the…Houses in Parliament assembled
London ?
5p 4vo

1642 French version of above pamphlet

1642 The lyar confounded
William Prynne

1642 The orders for ecclesiasticall discipline, according to that which hath been practised since the reformation of the church in His Majesties dominions, by the ancient ministers, elders, and deacons of the Iles of Garnsey, Gersey, Sark and Alderney. Confirmed by the authoritie of the synode of the foresaid iles

1642 To the Rt. Hon. the Lords assembled in Parliament. The humble remonstrance of the Justices, Gentry, Ministers, and Constables, assembled in the State and Common Councell of the Island of Jerzey. Published to manifest the untruth of a paper malitiously spred abroad against sir Philip Carteret
4vo reply to 1642 Articles

1645 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons…for the making void all commissions and warrants, or other writings issued forth in his Majesties name to Sir Philip Carteret Govenour of Jersey, etc.
J. Wright London
6p 4vo dated 16th September 1645, title should read George Carteret, named in the rest of the document.

1646 Pseudomastix, the lyars whipp
Michel Lempriere, Dumaresq, Herault
An answer to Prynnes defence of Sir Philippe de Carteret

1647 The Kings majesties most gratious letter to his sonne, his highnesse James Duke of York: written with his majesties owne hand…Also a letter from his highnesse Prince Charles, sent from France, to the Estates and Common Councell of, and concerning Jersey…And a declaration from the agitators in the name of the whole army under his excellency Sir Thomas Fairfax, to their fellow souldiers, of their representations and desires
King Charles I, Prince Charles
Moses Bell & Robert Ibbitson : London
13p 4vo

1647 The remonstrance of the inhabitants of the three Isles of Wight, Garnsey, and Jersey concerning the Kings majestie now resident in the Isle of Wight, the just priveledges of Parliament, the liberty of the subject, and the settlement of peace etc.

1649 A declaration of the proceedings of the Prince of Wales, and his coming to the Isle of Jersey; with his resolution and intentions thereon.
For R.W. London
4p 4vo newsletter from Brielle dated 27th March 1649

1649 A great victory obtained at sea; and the full particulars of a bloudy fight…between the Princes ships and the Parliaments, four leagues from Jersey

1649 His majesties declaration to all his subjects of the Kingdome of England, etc. (Given at our Court at Castle-Elizabeth in our Isle of Jersey the twenty third day of October 1649)
King Charles II
Samuel Broun: Hage (‘s Graven-Hage Holland)
7p 4vo There is also a Dutch language edition by the same printer.

1649 Instruction que l’on doit faire lire et apprendre aux Enfans. Dresse’e par le commandement de sa Majeste, pour l’usage de cette partie de l’eglise Anglicane, laquelle Dieu conserve en l’Isle de Jersey
London ?

1649 Prince Charles proclaimed King, and landed in Jersey with the Duke of York…Also his entertainment by the Lord Jermane…With the duke of Yorks declaration touching his brother the declared King. And his highnesses message to the King of France, etc.
For J.J. London
6p 4vo newsletters dated 9,10th September 1649

1651 The articles of rendition of Elizabeth Castle; and the totall reducement of that island to the obedience of the Parliament of England. The severall summons, answers and replies passed between Col. Heane…and the late Governor, Sir G. Carteret, etc.

1651 A perfect narrative of the particular service performed by Thomas Wright, Firemaster, with a mortar-piece of fifteen inches and a half diameter, against the Castle of Elizabeth in the Isle of Jersey etc.
8p 4vo

1652 Freedome. Or, the description of the excellent civil government of the island of Jersey
James Stocall

1652 Friday 22 October, 1652. Col. Martin reports from the Councell of State propositions touching the Isle of Jersey, etc.
Colonel Henry Marten

1656 A survey of the two islands Guernzey and Jarzey with the iles appending, according to their politie, & formes of government, both ecclesiasticall and civill
Dr Peter Heylin

1659 Articles of impeachment exhibited against Col. Robert Gibbons and Cap. Richard Yeardley, late governors of the isle of Jersey : wherein the several impeachments, notorious actions, high misdemeanours … are laid open … : as also a remedy for the people against the heavy yoke of such tyrannical oppressours in this juncture of miraculous restauration after so long a bondage, wherein the little finger of some appeared heavier then the whole loins of others
London : Printed for G. Horton

1659 Satan in Samuels mantle, or, The cruelty of Germany acted in Jersey : containing the arbitrary, bloody, and tyrannical proceedings of John Mason … against several officers and souldiers in that small place : as also his earnest endeavours to … encourage the army in England, Jersey, and Garnzey in their rebellion against the Parliament … / presented to the Parliament and published by Thomas Ashton
Thomas Ashton
London : Printed by T.R.

1662 Revised prayer book
French translation by Jean Durel

1680 ? Reasons humbly offered to the High Court of Parliament for an additional supply of wooll for the islands of Guernezey, Jersey, Alderney and Serk

1682 Caesarea, or a discourse of the island of Jersey
J. Poingdestre

1685 Survey of ye island of Jersey
Philippe Dumaresq

1688 Sermon sur l’hymne angelique, Luc. II. Vers 13 &14. Prononce a Jersey le 3me jour d’Avril 1687, etc.
Philip Falle
Benoist Griffin London
32p 4vo

1692 A sermon (on Luke iii. 14) preached at St. Hilary’s, in the Isle of Jersey, before the garrison April 10th 1692
Philip Falle
Printed for John Newton London
28p 4vo green hardback 

1694 An account of the Isle of Jersey
Philip Falle
Map small 8vo

1694 A new and accureate map of their Majesties island of Jersey. Drawn from the survey of Philip Dumaresque esqr. Seigneur of Samares by Thos. Lempriere Philomat
London printed by John Newton at the Three Pigeons overagainst the Inner Temple Gate in Fleet Street
57 x 41 cm

1701 ? The case truely stated, for settling in the island of Jersey the use of a Notary Publick
Martin de Gruchy
8p 4vo

1703 Excellente exposition du catechisme de l’Eglise Anglicane, ou la pratique de l’amour divin, traduite de l’Anglois pour l’usage des Iles de Jersey & de Guernesey, etc.
Thomas Ken, translated by R. Boullier
Jean Malherbe & Jaques Tirel : Amsterdam
143p 8vo

1709 The groans of the inhabitants of the island of Jersey : or, a compendious survey of the public grievances of that place. By a well-wisher to his country
Martin de Gruchy
Privately published London
23p 4vo Also a French edition Recueil de quelques griefs publics des habitants de l’isle de Jersey, dresse a la requeste de plusieurs diceux
Pamphlet fawn cover or maroon boards

1710 ? The Queen hath two officers in her island of Jersey…
John Durell
Sheet, dispute between Advocate General and Ph. Le Geyt

1716 Eloge de Monsieur Le Geyt, de l’isle de Jersey
12p marbled paper covers

1717 Anno Regni Goergii Regis…at the Parliament
Printed by John Basket London
12p Goods imported from Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Alderney
(Confirming the right of islanders to export for importation into England free of duty articles of their own growth or manufacture)

1720 ? The case of the inhabitants of Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, and Sark. Together with some reasons humbly offered to the…House of Commons, for the amendment of a small part of a Bill, for the encouragement of the silk manufactures of this kingdom, etc.

1732 Chronique de Jersey, Guernsey, etc.
S. De Carteret

1734 Caesarea or, an account of Jersey – to which are added remarks on the xixth chapter of the IId book of Mr Seldens Mare Clausum by Philip Morant
Philip Falle
T. Wotton
xiv+2+455 8 x 5ins 8vo map plate leather 2nd edition

1735 The Present state of the Island of Jersey, wherein is set forth the causes of the discontents and troubles among the people and what has occasioned so many disorders, greatly distructive to the peace and safety of the island : humbly offered in a letter to the Right Honourable Sir *****
Printed by A. Moore London
32p 8vo 20cm

1751 An historical account of Guernsey, from its first settlement before the Norman conquest to the present time…to which is added some proper remarks on Jersey, and the other islands…of Great Britain on the French coast, etc
Thomas Dicey
The author, sold by J. Newbery London
xxiv+220p 12vo

1753 Catechism of the Anglican Church
Translated into French for use in Jersey

1757 Histoire detaillee des isles de Jersey et Guernsey, traduite de l’Anglois par Mr. Le Rouge
Philip Falle
Chez le Veuve Delaguette, Duchesne Paris
iv+181p 12vo 2 maps sprinkled calf  French edition of 1734 Caesarea, translated by Georges Louis Le Rouge

1757 A letter from the Lord Bishop of Winchester, to Clement Chevallier, Esq. Occasioned by Fournier’s new attack, since the legal condemnation of his note over the Bishop’s name for £8,800 with an account of that gentleman’s conduct, in favour of the said Fournier. To which is added an appendix, shewing the several steps of Fournier’s behaviour, from the day of his appeal to the Bishop; and the several variations of his story about the said note, in the order of time, in which they happened.
Benjamin Hoadly
2+xiii+1+128p 8vo Fournier was from Jersey

1765 Sonnets Chretiens sur divers sujets, avec les Pseaumes penitentiaux
Laurent Drelincourt
Philippe Lerrier Jersey (book seller – French printing)
180p paper covered binding

1768 Anno regni Georgii III Regis. An act to repeal so much of an act made in the fourth year of his present majesty, as affects the islands of Guernsey and Jersey, with respect to the leakage of wines imported into this kingdom from the said islands under certain restrictions…
London Baskett
Act of Parliament
6p 32 x 19cm

1769 Anno regni Georgii III. An act to permit the inhabitants of Jersey and Guernsey to export directly from thence to Newfoundland, or the British colonies in America, goods necessary for the fishery, under certain restrictions; and to import from thence non-enumerated goods (except rum) and to land the same in the said islands.
First edition 3p folio An act of Parliament

1771 A Code of Laws for the Island of Jersey, 1771
Col. Bentinck
St. Helier (privately printed, but probably not on the Island. Probably London)
vi+336p+index folding table 8vo 7.25 ins x 4.5 ins 18cm vellum first edition English and French

1771 Oppressions in Jersey : an authentic narrative of the oppressions of the islanders of Jersey : to which is prefixed a succinct history of the military actions, constitution, laws, customs and commerce of that island
John Shebbeare
S. Hooper London
First edition 8vo tree calf 2 vols

1771 ? Six letters to Philip Le Hardy, an effectual remedy to the complaints of the islanders of Jersey
John Shebbeare

1771 ? Tyranny of the magistrates of Jersey and the enslavement of the people
John Shebbeare

1773 Anecdotes relative to the Island of Jersey 1767
John Campbell
J. Linden (Printers) Southampton
24p 4vo blue hardback

1780s Extracts and copies of several constitutions, charters, ordinances, orders in Council, Acts, &c. relating to the Civil Jurisdiction in His Majesty’s Island of Jersey
7 large printed folding sheets

1781 Relation des ataques fait sur l’isle de Jersey. En Mai 1779. En Janv. 1781.
Rodinbecht London

1785 La liturgie, ou formulaire des priers publiques selon l’usage de l’Eglise Anglicane. Nouvelle edition, revue et corrigee
A Jersey, de l’Imprimerie de Matt. Alexandre (Matthew Alexandre)
xxxix+544 8vo frontispiece engraving, last page is an advert for l’Imprimerie, book of Common Prayer. The first book printed in Jersey.

1786 Copie d’une proposition…touchant le retablissement des enquetes dans l’isle de Jersey, en matieres civiles, mixtes, et criminelles
Jean Dumeresq

1786 La mort d’Abel, poeme en cinq chants, traduit de l’allemand de M. Gessner, par M. Huber
Salomon Gessner
xxx+243+3p 17cm 12vo new edition, revised and corrected.

1786 An order of the King and Council, concerning the political disputes between the States and the Royal Court, of the island of Jersey. Issued on the 2nd June 1786
First edition 26p 8vo

1786 Traduction d’un ordre du Roi et des Seigneurs du Conseil, au sujet des disputes politiques des etats & de la Cour Royale de l’ile de Jersey. Avec des notes sur les differens points s’y trouvent decides
Imprime a Southampton
30p French translation of above

1786 Les Pseaumes de David, mis en vers francois, revus et approuves par le Synode Walon, des Provinces-Unies. Nouvelle Edition
A Jersey, de l’Imprimerie de Matt. Alexandre (Matthew Alexandre)
334p 8vo frontispiece engraving, new edition with musical notes.

1787 Discours de Philippe Durell Gent. prononce dans une assemble de paroisse a St Jean Lundi 6 Aout 1787
A Jersey, de l’Imprimerie de Matt. Alexandre (Matthew Alexandre)
8p 4to

1787 Haranques,etc prononcees le 13 Juin 1787, au diner donne a Jean Dumaresq Ecuyer
A Jersey, de l’Imprimerie de Matt. Alexandre (Matthew Alexandre)
4p 4to

1787 Lettres par un officier du Centieme Regiment contenant un detail exact de la guerre derniere sur la cote de Malabar, avec des observations sur les moeurs, les coutumes et les usages des Indiens; traduits d’un manuscrit Anglois
J. Le Couteur?
Nisme St. Helier
12vo manuscript by T. Sivret?

1787 Plan d’une banque nationale de France, ou d’une caisse generale de recettes & de paiements des deniers publics & particuliers
73+1p 21cm 8vo

1788 Collection of several petitions, representations and answers..
States of Jersey St. Helier

1789 A statement of the mode of proceeding, and of going to trial, in the Royal Court of Jersey, in all causes, criminal, civil, and mixed, prepared in consequence of an order from the Right Honourable the L…
Thomas Pipon
Jersey Press
Dark green hardback
Pamphlet  Pipon and Durrell

1789 A statement of the mode of proceeding, and of going to trial, in the Royal Court of Jersey, in all causes, criminal, civil, and mixed, prepared in consequence of an order from the Right Honourable the L…
James Hemery and John Dumaresq
Jersey Press
Pamphlet Hemery and Dumaresq

1790 Order of His Majesty in Council, allowing an additional quantity of grain and flour, not exceeding 750 quarters, to be exported from the port of Southampton to the island of Jersey, for the use of the inhabitants and of His Majesty’s troops stationed there, up to the 25th of December 1789
Privy Council St. James 1790

1791 L’Abbe Fauchet peint par lui-meme et ses crimes devoiles
M. l’Abbe de Valmeron
Jersey (Paris)
62p 8vo Claude Fauchet Bishop of Calvados. Valmeron pseudonym for Pierre Francois Theophile Jarry

1791 Lettre de M. de Cheylus, évêque de Bayeux, à MM. les curés de son diocèse
Joseph-Dominique de Cheylus
21p 21cm

1791 Première [-troisième] lettre de l’abbé de Valméron à Monsieur Claude Fauchet
Pierre Francois Theophile Jarry, Abbe
Jersey, Aux frais des Catholiques réfugiés
62p, 39p, 64p, 20 cm 3 letters

1791 Tentation du curé de Sommervieu sur les bords du fleuve de Babylone ou l’anti-catholique démasqué par lui-même
Jersey, Imprime par ordre de la Société des Catholiques Romains
50p 22cm

1792 ? Adresse aux habitans de l’isle de Jersey au sujet de l’etablissement, propose par les Etats, de trios juges salaries, pour administrer la justice a la place de la cour royale
6p 4vo

1792 Manifestation de la conduite tenue par Pillet, vicaire de Langrune, et qu’il croit devoir rendre publique pour… remédier… au scandale qu’il aurait pu donner relativement au serment exigé de lui par les officiers municipaux (Jersey, 12 août 1792)
Fr. Pillet
3p 22cm

1792 Rapport et projet de decret presentes a l’Assemblee nationale, concernant les letters cachetees, autres papiers et especes monnoyees, arretees le 23 Oct. 1791 sur le vaisseau le Saint Pierre, destinee pour l’isle Jersey 
Constant Joseph Cesar Eugene Gossuin

1792 Reglemens pour le retablissement du jugement par enquete, dans l’isle de Jersey
De l’Imprimerie de Jersey
Blue paper cover

1792 Le voyage de Beth-el, avec de meditations et des priers pour se preparer a la Sainte Cene. Avec les pseaumes qui se chantent les jours de communion. Derniere edition; revue et augmente
Jean de Focquembergues (and others)
De l’imprimerie de Jersey St. Helier
216p music 18vo new revised edition

1797 Caesarea or an account of Jersey. The greatest of the islands round the coast of England or the ancient Duchy of Normandy. General history and desription of the island of Jersey. Principally collected from the accounts published by the late Dr. Hevlin, Mr. Falle, and others.
John Stead
Eglin and Pepys London
Map 5 plates

1797 Rapport du Comite…loge au Greffe le sixieme septembre, 1797
States Comite des Chausses
John Stead St. Heliers
31p 4vo

1797 Reglemens proposes pour l’establissement du jugement par enquetes dans l’isle de Jersey dresses par MM. Les Commissaires Royaux, assistes de Thomas Pipon, Ecuyer, procureur-General du Roi, et Jean Dumaresq
Royal Commissioners
De l’Imprimerie de Jersey

1797 Rituel Romain, pour bien administrer les Sacremens, & faire…le functions ecclesiastiques, qui sont les plus en pratique…nouvelle edition, revue, corrigee, etc.
Ph. Mourant
240p 12vo

1798 Caesarea, ou l’histoire generale et description de L’ile de Jersey
Philip Falle
Fr. Jeune Jersey
328+152p French edition of 1797 Caesarea brown leather

1798 Caesarea. General history and desription of the island of Jersey. Principally collected from the accounts publisged by the late Dr. Hevlin, Mr. Falle, and others.
John Stead
Messrs. Longman and Rees London
xii+112+107p (part 1 and 3) 8vo map engraved plan of St. Heliers plates boards. Parts 1+3, 2+4 never published. Brown hardback, orange hardback, red/cream hardback.

1798 On the victory obtained by Rear-Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile
Edward Dupre
John Stead Jersey
10p cream pamphlet

1803 Act to permit for two years certain quantity of corn, grain, meal, flour, bread, biscuit, or pulse to Guernsey, Jersey, and Alderney 27.7.1803
George Eyre
4p Act of Parliament

1803 Aux Etats de L’isle de Jersey
De L’imprimerie de Ph. Mourant
4p 4000 printed, introduction by Jean de Veulle, Greffier. Napoleonic War propaganda 30 x 21.5 cm

1804 Copie authentique des transactions du Comite de la Vingtaine de la Ville de St. Helier avec…le Commandant en chef, relativement a la rente de la majeure partie de la Commune du Grand Mont, a sa Majeste. Adressee par le dit Comite a leurs constituans
Vingtaine de la Ville de St. Helier
39p 8vo

1805 Lettre aux proprietaires habitans fonciers de la vingtaine da la ville (St. Helier)
Un proprietaire
Ph. Mourant St. Helier
22p 8vo

1806 Apercu sur la culture des pommiers, et la manipulation du cidre
Francois Le Couteur
228p 8vo second edition with plates

1806 Booklet of Signals
published by authority of His Excellency Lieutenant General Don Commander in Chief
printed by P Mourant printer to the States

1807 Choix de cantiques, a l’usage de l’eglise independante. A Jersey
R Tilling Isle of Wight
xi+190 8vo

1809 An act to amend several acts for the prevention of smuggling for better securing the duties on coals, culm and cinders and for permitting the exportation of salt pepper and wine from Guernsey, Jersey to Sark in small packages, dated 3rd June 1809
Royal Printers
3p Act of Parliament

1809 A picture of Jersey, or, a strangers companion through that island
John Stead
Longman, Hurst, Rees & Orme London
xxxvi+215p small 8vo (19 x 12 cms) hand coloured map 2p Jersey signals some colour 6 aquatint plates plan of St. Helier 

1809 Séance des Etats a l’occasion du depart de Lt.-Gen. Don de cette isle
States of Jersey
P. Mourant
10p cream pamphlet

1809 A summer stroll through the islands of Jersey and Guernsey
16vo see also 1811

1811 The Jersey and Guernsey pocket guide
156p 8vo

1811 Military system for the Militia of Jersey
Ph. Jean
John Stead Jersey
v+110p 8vo

1811 A summer stroll through the islands of Jersey and Guernsey
16vo see also 1809

1812 An argument addressed to His Majesty’s Royal Commissioners in the island of Jersey, on Tuesday, the thirty-first of December, 1811 by E. Allen Esq. Barrister at Law, as counsel for the majority of the electors of Jersey, in support of their constitution and elective franchise: comprising an Epitome of the History of that Island, from the remotest Periods of Antiquity down to 1811; with brief Notices of the Sister Island of Guernsey.
Edouard Allen (Barrister)
Printed for W. Clarke and Sons, Law Booksellers
107p 8vo

1812 A general view of the agriculture and present state of the islands on the coast of Normandy for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture
Thomas Quayles

1812 Narrative of facts connected with the Channel Islands
George Leabon

1812 Narrative of a passage from the Island of Cape Breton across the Atlantic Ocean, with other interesting occurrences, in a letter to a friend
John Luce of Jersey

1813 Bail a fin d’heritage, a l’enchere, du terrain au-dessous de la banque a l’ouest de la montagne de St. Helier depuis le harvre aus Anglois jusqu’a un terrain appartenant a M. George Ingouville
St. Helier Parish
P. Mourant Imprimeur
Pamphlet green paper covers, land purchase

1813 Order in Council, dated 15th July 1813, confirming to the inhabitants of the island of Jersey their ancient rights and privileges in regard to the election of Jurats
J. De Fries Jersey

1813 Report of the Royal Commissioners, relating to the mode of electing Jurats in the island of Jersey
Royal Commissioners
Ph. Mourant
White paper pamphlet, also published in Guernsey by Chevalier & Mauger

1814 Au Comite des Chaussees. L’an 1814, le 22e jour de juin. Le Comite ayant repris la consideration des reglemens concernant les harvres et chaussees de St. Helier…recommande aux Etats de passer l’acte suivant, etc.
Comite des Chaussees
9p 4vo

1815 General view of the agriculture and present state of the islands on the coast of Normandy subject to the crown of Great Britain
T. Quayle

1815 The history of the island of Guernsey, part of the ancient duchy of Normandy, from the remotest period of antiquity to the year 1814. Containing an interesting account of the island, with particulars of the neighbouring islands of Alderney, Serk, and Jersey. Compiled from the valuable collections of the late Henry Budd, as well as from authentic documents, royal charters, public records, and private manuscripts
William Berry
London Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown
vii+5+xx+21+348p illus map 28 x 23cm

1815 Prieres pour tous les jours de la semaine, et sur divers sujets
Benedict Pictet
12vo new augmented edition

1816 Doleance of P. Marett, a Jurat, against a sentence of the Royal court of Jersey, which annulled the election of a centenier…to which is prefixed an Order of His Majesty’s Privy Council,…and the answer…to that doleance, etc.
Philip Marett

1816 A sermon (on Isa. Liv. 13.) preached…3d. …Nov. 1816 for the benefit of the charity school, established at St. Heliers…Jersey
Rev. Robert Gee

1817 An account of the island of Jersey : containing a compendium of its ecclesiastical, civil, and military, history, a statement of its polity, laws, privileges, commerce, population, and produce, a survey of the public buildings, antiquities, and natural history, together with some detail respecting the manners & customs of the inhabitants : embellished with several highly finished engravings, and a correct map of the island, from a recent survey made expressly for this work
W. Plees
T Baker Southampton
xii+358p 9.5 x 7.5ins map 4 engraved plates boards (see also 1824 edition, there is also an 1819 edition) There is also a 4 page prospectus for ‘Views in Jersey’ a supplement never issued.

1817 A catalogue of books, maps, charts, etc., late the property of …Admiral D’Auvergne…which will be sold by public auction, etc.
P. Mourant Jersey
44p 4vo Philip D’Auvergne

1817 The enquiry ‘What is truth?’ answered from Scripture and the Articles of the Church of England in a sermon (on John xviii. 38), etc
Rev. Robert Gee

1818 Le pelerinage d’un nomme Chretien, ecrit sous l’allegorie d’un songe: traduit de l’anglais
John Bunyan
P. Mourant Jersey
216p 12vo 8th edition revised and corrected

1819 An account of the island of Jersey, etc.
W. Plees
See also 1817, 1824 editions

1819 Le Déporté de la Mayenne, ou Le Batave heureux ; Voyage par terre et par mer aux îles de Jersey et de Grenesey, de la grande terre d’Angleterre, de la Flandre, du Brabant et de la Hollande
Ouvrard de la Haye (Jean-Baptiste-Michel)
Senlis et Paris, chez l’auteur, Villet
xxx+230p 19cm

1819 Remonstrances sur les juremens, la profamation du jour Dimanche et l’ivrognerie
Sir James Stonhouse
P. Mourant Jersey

1819 Sermon sur la religion en famille, par feu Mr. Jean Wesley, …traduit de l’anglais par Armand de Kerpezdron
John Wesley
P. Mourant Printer Jersey
21+1p 17cm 12vo