Welcome to my website - Hemery family history and Jersey photographers

Hi, my family originates from the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, although I now live in England.

I wanted to make this website to share some of my research.

I am researching my own family tree, the Hemery family of Jersey. (under construction - see below for the start)

I am researching the photographers and photographic studios of Jersey, mainly from the Victorian era, which should help date old photos, of use to geneaologists and historians. (see separate pages)

I am compiling a bibliography of Jersey up to 1945. (see separate page)

I hope you will find something of interest.

Kind regards, Richard Hemery

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  1. Peter Broadbent Says:

    Hello Richard
    I am doing some research into my wifes Jersey background and have come upon your name from a photograph taken at T price studios. The photo was taken between 1898 and 1906 this being from the design on the front of the photograph. The photo being of a Josephine Hubert my wifes grand mother who married Philip George Carpenter in 1912 apparently aged 24, this would have made her born in 1888. Unfortunately no records are found of her existence. Im thinking josephine may have been her middle name and she chose to use that more. Are you a jersey man with knowledge of local people.
    Kind regards Peter

  2. Tony Coleman Says:

    Hi Richard

    I have a legal document dated 24th August 1840 drawn up by Tomas Bertram, Notary Public, concerning Clement Hemery. It is in English, not Jerriais.

    If you contact me direct I can tell you more.



  3. Mrs. Angela WALTERS Says:

    Dear Richard,
    I have perhaps one of the very earliest J. Green photographs with a very simple mauve oval stamp?
    Reads “J. GREEN PHOTOGRAPHER” on the rim band, and “41, BATH St. JERSEY” inside medallion.
    The photograph is of Mr. Charles HEMERY born 1819.
    I have another HEMERY photograph: a Clementina de Villier HEMERY. Photograph taken by a Vienna photographer “Adèle K.K. Hof-Atelier WIEN, 1 GRABEN 19.”
    If you would like a scan of these, please reply to me.
    My husband’s family of SKYRING is related, at some distance, to the HEMERYs. His grandmother was Miss Ethel Aileen SKYRING, a daughter of Major-General Charles Francis SKYRING, R.E.
    The SKYRING family are well-documented on the SKYRING family homestead website.
    Yours sincerely,
    Mrs. Angela WALTERS

  4. James McLaren Says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m the editor of the Channel Islands Family History Society’s Journal (I’ve just taken it over). Like many others I have been working my way through family photographs (mostly my wife’s) in an attempt to date and identify them.

    Your work on who had photographic studios is really useful, and I’d appreciate being able to reuse it. Quid pro quo it may be possible, using local rate books and the knowledge of my co-members, to extend the information you already have (like Flo above I have Happy Snaps pictures in the collection: some of them I can date with a reasonable degree of accuracy).

    Drop me a line if you want to discuss this further.

    James McLaren

  5. John Chevalier Says:

    Looking for a photo of John Chevalier Horbour master St Helier Jersey, All the best Syd Hall

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