The Hemery Family of Jersey

Early Family Tree

Refugees from France establish themselves in Jersey

Jacob Hemery

Born 6.3.1669. Of the parish of Videuville in the Bishopric of Bayeux, Normandy, France. While in France married Louise Tancrel (variously spelt Tanquerel and Tanerel) A refugee into Jersey after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685.Louise Tancrel buried in St. Lawrence 28.11.1715. 2 children born of this marriage in France, Jacques Hemery born c.1708 and Peter Hemery born c.1710.  Jacob married Judith Williams of the Parish of St. Helier Jersey 26.3.1717. Jacob Hemery died 17.3.1719. Judith Williams buried 21.12.1740.
Children of Jacob Hemery
1. Jacques Hemery

Born c.1708 in France. Married Anne Elizabeth Chevallier 20.10.1742. She was baptised in 1705. She died before 4.1769. They had 4 children, Jean Hemery baptised 18.6.1744, Jacques Hemery baptised 5.2.1745/6, Clement Hemery baptised 30.8.1747, and Pierre Hemery baptised 14.3.1748/9.
2. Peter Hemery

Born c.1710 in France.  He was the French master of the Royal Academy. He married, and had one child, Elizabeth Hemery.He made a will in 1779. Elizabeth Hemery made a will in 1800.
Children of Jacques Hemery, born c.1708

1. Jacques (James) Hemery

Baptised in Jersey 5.2.1745/6. Married Dorothea Chevallier. They had no children.

2. Pierre Hemery Baptised 14.3.1748/9 in Jersey. Died unmarried. Will dated 1830.

3. Jean (John) Hemery Baptised 18.6.1744 in Jersey. Buried 7.5.1745, aged less than one year.

4. Clement Hemery Baptised 30.8.1747 in Jersey. Married Margaret Dolbel, daughter of Jean Dolbel and Anne Dowton, 4.1.1774 in St. Helier.They had 11 children. Buried 28.9.1809 in St. Saviour St. Helier.
Children of Clement Hemery, born 1747

1. Clement Hemery Born 1776 in Jersey. Married Ann Susan Durell daughter of Elias Durrell in 1808. They had 12 children. He made a will in 1850.Died 23.5 1851.

2. Jacques Hemery Baptised 17.11.1777 in Jersey. Lived at Plaisance. Married (i) Jane Patriarche daughter of Guillaume Patriarche. Married (ii) Margaret Marett daughter of Amice Marett. They had 3 children. Jacques died 1819.

3. Peter Hemery Baptised 11.12.1789 in Jersey. Buried 10.1.1820 in St. Saviours St. Helier. Died unmarried.

4. John HemeryBaptised 21.8.1793 in Jersey. Buried 26.6.1794 aged less than 1 year old.

5. Margaret HemeryBaptised 14.7.1779 in Jersey. Married Sir Thomas Le Breton Kt. 30.11.1799. He lived from 1763 – 1838, and was Bailiff of Jersey 1826 –1830. His second marriage. They had 5 children and at least one grandchild.

6. Anne Hemery Baptised 13.5.1782 in Jersey. Married John Robin 7.7.1802. They had no children. Buried 24.1.1804

7. Susanne Hemery Baptised 25.6.1783 in Jersey. Married Rev. Philippe Le Breton Rector of St. Saviours before 1806. They had 2 children and at least 8 grandchildren. She died in 1818.

8. Elizabeth Hemery Baptised 9.6.1785 in Jersey. Married Philippe Janvrin 29.9.1808. His parents were Philippe Janvrin and Esther Dolbel. They had 7 children.

9. Jane Hemery Baptised 29.12.1791 in Jersey. Married John Poingdestre (or Jean Poingdestre) of Granville House. They had 4 children.

10. Mary Hemery Married John Carnegie M.D. They appear to have had no children. 11. Sarah Hemery Baptised 4.9.1794 in Jersey. Married Thomas Newton-King on 11.8.1819. He was a Captain in the Royal Artillery. They appear to have had no children.
A prominent Jersey family

Children of Clement Hemery, born 1776

1. Ann Margaret Hemery Baptised 10.3.1809. Died unmarried 1888.

2. James (or Jacques) Hemery

Baptised 18.8.1810. Buried 1.5.1814 in St. Saviours.

3. Clement Hemery
Baptised 2.10.1811. Married Portia Owen in September 1838 in St. Georges Church Hanover Square London. He was a wine merchant. Colonel of the Town Regiment. Constable of St. Helier 1873 - 1876. A.D.C. to Queen Victoria. Died 16.1.1877.

4. Peter Hemery

Baptised 11.1.1813. Married Francis (Fanny) Hunt 1845. They had 5 children. He was a Colonel in the Royal Jersey Militia. He died in 1873. She died in Colchester in March 1910 aged 88.

5. John Hemery

Baptised 8.11.1813. Married Anna Beatty in 1844. They had 9 children. He died 22.11.1881 in Canterbury aged 68.

6. James Hemery

Baptised 30.4.1814. Married Ellen Charlotte Newcombe June 1845 Oxford. They had one child. He was M.A. Fellow of Trinity College Cambridge, Rector of St. Helier and Dean of Jersey. He died 22.11.1849.

7. Mary Ann Sarah Hemery

Baptised 14.11.1817. Died young.

8. Charles HemeryBaptised 31.3.1819. Married Mary Georgianna Catherine Rundle in 1850. They had four children. He died June 1904 at Barnet.

9. Julia Jane Hemery

Baptised 25.9.1820. Died unmarried 23.4.1911.

10. Edward Hemery

Baptised 24.4.1823. Colonel in the Royal Engineers.

11. Ellen Mary Hemery

Baptised 15.4.1825 St. Helier. Married Rev. Thomas Angell Lindon M.A. in 1852. He was born in Plymouth in 1822 or 1823. They had 6 children.

12. Elias Durell Hemery

Baptised 30.12.1827. Died young.

The families of Clement Hemery’s childrenThe family leaves Jersey

Children of Peter Hemery born 1813

1. Clement William Hemery

Born 10.8.1847 in Jersey. Married Elizabeth Pendered in Liverpool in June 1868.

2. Emily HemeryBorn in 1849 in Jersey. Married Robert J.H. Bentley born 1844. They had a daughter Emily F.A. Bentley born 1868.

3. Alice Mary Hemery Born in 1852 in Jersey. Married Charles Gosselin McMahon Wilder on 23.11.1869 in Cheltenham. They had two children Ethel S.(or L) Wilder born 1872 Newmarket Suffolk and Evelyn Wilder. Alice died on 9.12.1927.

4. Adela Frances Hemery

Born 1856 in St. Brelades Jersey. Married Henry Cooke March 1877 St George Hanover Square. He was born in Bristol in 1842. They had 2 children, Lionel C.H. Cooke born 1878 Clifton Bristol and Herbert E. Cooke born 1881 Bristol.

5. Alexandra Violet Hemery Born 1863 in Jersey. Married in June 1888 Thomas James Kernaghan born Ireland 1854. They had four children Gladys M.G. born 1889 Jersey, Lillian F. born 1890 Pembroke, Violet E. Kernaghan born 1893 Pembroke, and Graham H. Kernaghan born 1894 Colchester.
Children of John Hemery born 1813

1. Francis Hobart Hemery

Born 1848. Died June 1879 Uxbridge, aged 31.

2. Percy HemeryBorn 1851 in Arundel Sussex. Married Helen Fairbairn 20.04.1907. She was born 30.5.1876. They had four children.

3. Kate Hemery

Born 1854 in Arundel Sussex. Died unmarried.

4. Mary Hemery

Born 1856 in Arundel Sussex. Married B. Howell-Jones, December 1876 Canterbury. They had four children.

5. Leonora Hemery

Born 1858 in Arundel Sussex. Married Rev. Walter Marshall. He was born in 1860 in Peterborough. They were married in September 1888 in Brentford. They had 5 children, Kenneth Marshall born 1890 Middlesex, Phyllis Marshall born 1893 Winsdor, Mary Marshall born 1896 Windsor, Campbell Marshall born 1899 Windsor, and Douglas Marshall.

6. Constance Hemery

Died young.

7. Charles Durrel Hemery

Died young. 8. Clement Hemery

Died young.

9. Lucy Hemery

Died young.

Children of James Hemery born 1814

1. James Hemery

Born 1848. Died March 1865 at Honiton.

Children of Charles Hemery born 1819

1. Clementina Mary Hemery

2. Charles Edward S. Hemery

Born March 1853 Kensington. Died September 1888 at Barnet.

3. Anne Georgianna Clara Hemery

Christened Anne Clara Georgina 1.10.1854 Totteridge Hertfordshire. Married Brigadier General Henry Tempest Hicks. He was born in 1853 in Beerchurch Sussex. They had two children, Annie Monica G. Tempest Hicks born 1891 Monken Hadley.

4. John Vincent Hemery

Born 1857 Mill Hill Hendon.

Children of Ellen Mary Hemery born 1825 and Rev. T.A. Lindon

1. Clement Hemery Lindon

Born 1854 in Winford Somerset.

2. Julia Lindon

Born 1855 in St. Helier. Married Rev. Dr. H. Hodges, Dean of Shanghai.

3. James Hemery Lindon

Born 1857 Halliwell. Married Mary ? They had four children.

4. Leonard Harford Lindon

Born 1858 or 1859 Halliwell. Married Annie Hudson.

5. Edward Byrom Lindon

Born 1860 Halliwell. Married Caroline Edwardes of Rhyd-y- Gors, Carmarthenshire. They had 2 children.

6. Helena Ann Lindon

Born 1866 Halliwell. Married Edward Hamilton. They had 2 children.

7. Kate Purcell Lindon married Col. Charles Linton.

Born 1867 Halliwell.

The Hemery family around the world Australian and New Zealand Hemery family

Clement William Hemery, son of Peter Hemery was born 10.8.1847 in Jersey. He married Elizabeth Pendered (nee Williams) 7.2.1868 in Liverpool. They sailed for Melbourne Australia 1.10.1869. They had three children, William Clement Hemery born 7.12.1868, Alfred Charles Hemery born 31.1.1873, died 18.3.1873 Melbourne, and Charles Jersey Hemery born 19.10.1874 Melbourne. Elizabeth Hemery died before 1910. Clement William Hemery married Roberta McDonnell 26.3.1910 Melbourne. She was the daughter of W. McDonnell of Benalla Victoria. They had two children, Clement John Peter Hemery born 26.4.1913 Hobart Tasmania, and Alys Marie Hemery born 4.9.1915 Hobart. Clement William died 29.10.1929 at Colomberie, East Malvern, Victoria.

Descendants of Clement William Hemery First marriage, to Elizabeth Pendered

From his first marriage to Elizabeth Pendered, William Clement Hemery married Edith Martha Chisholm of Wellington, New Zealand, sister of Beatrice, 6.11.1893 Wellington, New Zealand. She was born 7.3.1871. They had two children, Lyndon Clement Hemery born 1897, and Violet Edith Hemery born 1901. Later William Clement married Viva Beechey of Shepperton, Victoria.

Lyndon Clement married Mary Pease of Auckland, New Zealand. They had two children, Janis Mary Hemery who married Claude Peleton of France, and Gillian Viva Hemery who married John Luttrell of New Zealand. Violet Edith married Arthur James Rathbone of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They had three children, Beverley Edith Rathbone born 27.12.1926, June Rathbone born 4.6.1930, and William Arthur Rathbone born 5.10.1933, killed 12.49.

Charles Jersey Hemery married Beatrice Mary Chisholm, sister of the Edith who married his brother, on 6.4.1901 Sydney. She was from Wellington, New Zealand and was born 19.7.1875. They had three children, Vivian Charles Hemery born 1905, Gwenda Beatrice Wilder Hemery born 1908, and Peter Ronald Bentley Hemery born 1911. Notice the use of the Wilder and Bentley names from their relatives.

Vivian Charles married Dorothy Jean Dartnall of Perth. They had four children, Margaret Jean Hemery born 1930 who married Arthur Wallis of Western Australia in 1950, Robert Charles Hemery born 1932 who married Maureen Bryant of Western Australia in 1956, Ernest Ronald Hemery born 1937 who married Nancy Watts of Western Australia in 1960, and Patricia Mary Ruth Hemery born in 1948.

Gwenda Beatrice Wilder Hemery married George Colman Phillips, a lawyer from New Zealand.

Peter Ronald Bentley Hemery was a chief accountant in Braintree Massachusetts, USA, and married Eileen Beatrice Price, daughter of Charles Royal Price of London. They had four children, Judith Eileen Hemery born 30.9.1942, David Peter Hemery born 18.7.1944 Cirencester, John Anthony Hemery born 20.2.1947, and Anthea Mary Hemery born 2.4.1949. Judith married Anthony J. Howick of London, and had one child in 1979. David Peter was a Churchill Fellow. John Anthony was also a Churchill Fellow, and married Virginia R. Oliphant of Haslemere, Surrey. Anthea Mary married Kenneth A. Bruffee, Professor of Writing, New York.

David Peter Hemery won the Olympic gold medal for the 400m hurdles at the 1968 Mexico Olympic Games.

Second marriage, to Roberta McDonnell

Clement John Peter Hemery married Norma Jean Turnbull, daughter of Herbert Turnbull of Ardmona, Victoria. They had two children, Peter Turnbull Hemery born 1943, and Janet Lyndon Hemery born 1945. Clement John Peter Hemery died in 1968. Peter Turnbull Hemery married Catherine Louise Johnson, daughter of Paul Johnson. They had three children between 1972 and 1979.

Alys Marie Hemery married Kenric George Teague of Kew, Victoria, on 16.12.1939. They had three children, Felicity Teague who married Peter Francis Druce 1.2.1969, Robin Teague who married Francis Henry Gordon Peter Fisher 6.12.1974, and Rosemary Teague who married Christopher Thomas Ward 12.12.1970.

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    I have read the notes on the Hemery family with interest. I am one of the last people mentioned in the notes. My sister Felicity Teague married Peter Francis Druce (not Bruce).

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    Check out the following with regards to the son (unnamed above) of Anne Tempest-Hicks (nee Hemery). Anne’s daughter married the son of Field-Marshal Sir Herbert Plumer (Old Plum and Duff) - the Second Army Commander at Ypres throughout much of the Great War.

  3. E.A. Garrett Says:

    Curious whether anyone knows if there were any surviving children of the marriage of Clement Hemery bapt 1811 d. 1877 and his wife Portia (née Owen) b. circa 1817 d. 1862 (daughter of Vice-Admiral William Fitzwilliam Owen, R.N.)

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